Once a Technocratic Initiative or experiment, Crystal Ball has become so much more in a world that is not as it once was.

Originally meant to be a test program to see if the Union could work together with diverse agents of the supernatural world, without having… civilized them by Union standards, it has taken on a life on it’s own, with the bulk of the original Union members assigned to the Initiative breaking off to form the Crystal Order, a technocratic based group of mages seeking the restoration of the Balance.

The Crystal Order, along with its allies, have worked to restore a world devestated by a world war and several natural and man made disasters. Now they work to keep the world as much of a utopia as possible.

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Dragons and Music

April 27, 2028 Dragons here, Dragons there, Dragons Everywhere While real or fantasy dragons have always had a place in our society, however there’s been an influx of dragons in our art and media. A Read more…

Wyverns? Why not?

April 7, 2028 This past weekend several locations nationally were attacked, with varying degrees of success, by wyverns. Wyverns being related to dragons, but unlike the more familiar Eastern, and 4 legged Western kinds, they Read more…

Where to find us

We can be found on IRC at irc.magicstar.net channel #cbhq