Once a Technocratic Initiative or experiment, Crystal Ball has become so much more in a world that is not as it once was.

Originally meant to be a test program to see if the Union could work together with diverse agents of the supernatural world, without having… civilized them by Union standards, it has taken on a life on it’s own, with the bulk of the original Union members assigned to the Initiative breaking off to form the Crystal Order, a technocratic based group of mages seeking the restoration of the Balance.

The Crystal Order, along with its allies, have worked to restore a world devestated by a world war and several natural and man made disasters. Now they work to keep the world as much of a utopia as possible.

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Latest News

End of the World?

The Crystal Tower in New York City is surrounded by protesters today after news got out about a world ending event approaching. A Crystal Order insider told press yesterday about a predicted end of the Read more…

New Persia Expands Borders 10-5-2028

Monday morning saw the sudden unexpected expansion of New Persia’s borders as several countries announce a non-violent surrendering to New Persia. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, the greater bulk of China (Tibet, Mongolia, Taiwan, and strangely Hong Read more…

Where to find us

We can be found on IRC at irc.magicstar.net channel #cbhq