On non-aligned humans

What Alinar did, which folks are still unsure off, has made it so humans with no connection to the supernatural are feared, and in some minds hated. While the supernatural are open and out there, their individual secrets are still secret, but the groups are known and accepted. It is also accepted that there are good and bad. What does this all mean?

This means that unaligned humans are now the scary thing that goes bump in the night. The boogie man, the wicked witch, the unknown. Humanity, even without the supernatural, is capable of great things. Things that seem mystical and magical when in truth they’re not. They are capable of great acts of evil, or goodness, without the influence of the supernatural. We have scientific explanations for such acts, and yet it can’t tell with a certainty who will do what when, and not even Divination is perfect in that regard.

There is also the fact that one could develop powers and abilities with no magical ties, so to speak, many hope these are lost souls finding their way back to the fold, others fear this spontaneous enlightenment.

Finally there is the fear that these humans will do as several supernatural groups had done to them in the past. Attack the supernatural in an effort to control it. Or worse, come to hate and resent the supernatural because they don’t belong, and taking to working to destroy what the supernatural has.

As a result, the roles are now reversed. They’re feared, and while they may not be openly or actively hunted as an acceptable means of dealing with them, there are those who do try to hunt them. In the Federated States of America, it is illegal to hunt them, or capture and contain them. They are, however, the latest victim of racism and hate crimes, and all the problems that come from that.

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