A New Year! Kittens the new year has come, and with it we have work to do! What was Alibaba thinking?  I’m sure I don’t know, and I want to scratch up all his clothes for the path he led our beloved Sandy down… Well my beloved Sandy, but shhhh… don’t tell him that.

So now we have to help Perry, we have to fix Ali, and we have to help humans even more than before. We can’t let them go dark! That would be cold and then Ali… well he’d see them as a threat, and they would be even if they didn’t realize it. So now it’s all paws on deck! And I’d advise getting your paw free friends and pets to help.

The Walls Go Up… The Walls Come Down… As quietly as they appeared, they have vanished again Kittens. Whomever is in charge of the silly thing has once again decided we don’t need walls to protect us. Well, when you think about it, now that magic is accepted don’t need physical walls to protect what is ours, just need better magics than the folks attacking.

A Pledge From Me to You I know I’ve been lax in keeping you informed to the real important stuff from my point of view but I am going to try to do better. Can’t say you’ll always here from me but I’ll try not to leave you in the dark.

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