Looking for a few good heroes: I don’t mean the sandwiches, but I’d certainly not say no to one or more of them. Yum! Okay Kittens, I got distracted but now back on track, I’m looking for some good folks who like to do good deeds and be seen as a hero. Gonna go on a trip to see what can be salvaged of California, need some folks to help me salvage. So if you like good, hard work, and the feeling of doing what is right, then come with me this Friday to start the clean up and restoration of California, before they show up here and try to turn our coast line into the new place for beach bums and surfer dudes. We don’t need valley girls, we got the Shore!

Got Free Time? Then I know what you can do with it! There’s never enough volunteers at the shelters, nursing homes, hospitals, animal shelters, and groups like Big Brothers and Sisters. So volunteer today! If nothing else, go see the dragons! They like people, and not as food.

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