President Found

Found may not be accurate but it still does not change the fact that President Smythe has returned, though he is looking some 30ish years younger than he used to be.  He has politely declined retaking the presidency stating that it would not be worth it for just a year as he was not going to run for re-election. He did offer his services as an advisor. He praised the acting, now sitting, president for all she has done so far and commented that he would likely be spending his time advising her on how to make a proper cup of tea rather than giving her political advise.

Not Holding A Presidential Election

The Southern United States announced today that they would not be holding a presidential election this year, that this year they would be voting on reunification with the North, this came after the leadership revealed to the public that President VanDeen had been possessed by a demon and plans were found that would have lead to the destruction of the whole of the United States if they succeeded.

If the vote goes against reunification then next year they will hold a presidential election, and keep their elections one year off from the Federated States.

Down With Walls

After investigation it has been revealed that the 20 foot wall that once surrounded the whole of the Federated States has vanished as if it had never been there. Our government was looking into cost effective ways to bring down the walls now that there is no need for them and was coming up empty on ideas. It would seem someone took the problem on themselves.

This also means that those who were manning the walls shall be reassigned to rebuilding the country and its infrastructure. Which includes rebuilding the farms, so I see mud boots and pitchfork sales going up.

Opinions Wanted

In light of the news from the south, our own leadership is asking for your opinions on whether or not we should entertain the thoughts of reunification with the southern states. Please use the usual means to inform our government of your thoughts regarding reunification.

Who Switched the Flip?

Are you like one of the many people who feel like, or know that, something has changed and that everything was fine before the Winter Solstice? Then you are not alone. There are many who feel something changed, or who know full well something did. So we looked into it.

What we have found out is that a ritual of some kind was performed on the solstice, though we cannot find out what was intended, we do know at least one life was lost during this ritual, and we are now seeing the results.

Where prior to the ritual, the supernatural was the feared and distrusted and many people were still getting used to the idea that the supernatural was out there and they weren’t all monsters out to kill us all now the supernatural is accepted and respected as people, while humans who have no discernible relations or connections to the supernatural are now the ones who are feared and distrusted.

We advise our readers to treat all people as they would wish to be treated, and to not single out humans for ridicule and attack. Such behavior is beneath all of us, and please remember Lily Potter was born from such parents, and her son went on to do great things. Fiction or not, the message is still relevant.

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