April 27, 2028

Dragons here, Dragons there, Dragons Everywhere

While real or fantasy dragons have always had a place in our society, however there’s been an influx of dragons in our art and media. A Photo Gallery Exhibition of the dragons of Long Island, how they weathered the latest attack, not just on us but on them as well. And a soon to open Gallery Exhibition Fundraiser of our winged neighbors in oils.

While the subjects are the same the approach is very different, the photos focusing on the young dragons exploring their hidden nest away from danger, though showing the adults recovering and remaining alert for another attack. The paintings, are more carefree and light, in a nice mix of styles giving the dragons a larger than life look.


Victorian Heavy Metal?

A new band has hit New York City. Not that this is anything new, but the VPS, Victorian Paranormal Society, with front man Alistair Crowley, has hit the scene with a look that is unique and a sound that is classic. As the name hints, the band has a Victorian Goth look to it, that is furthered along by the crystal balls, spirit boards, and crystals. They are currently the weekend entertainment at The Raven Club located in The Raven Tower on 5th Ave.


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