June 19, 2028

Darkness A New Trend?

Recently many artists, and new artists on the rise, have started producing art with a dark theme. While it does appear to be trendy some have started to wonder if so much darkness, in art, in music, isn’t some kind of warning or sign of threat or danger.

The band Victorian Paranormal Society, VPS, has released their first album, and while their music is darker in the first place the name of the album is Darkness Rising, and the songs all touch on what is currently happening with dark tidings and apparent belief we’ll fail, whatever it is we’re supposed to do.

Persia On The Rise

The ancient Persian Empire is making a return. The quiet in the middle east has finally resolved into the solidification of most of the region into one nation, the nation of Persia. Their flag is blood red with a black wyvern with wings spread holding a pair of crossed sabres in one claw and crossed rifles in the other.

Island Farms Ease Strain on American Farms

Despite all the recovery efforts America’s farms and ranches have been working hard to return to what they once were, the biggest problem is land that needs to rest. So many of the floating islands, 12 in total, have been anchored off the East and West coasts of America, where they will serve as giant farms, ranches, vineyards, and orchards. Designed specifically to serve in this purpose, they will combine ancient methods with modern methods, and will make the most use of their space. It is predicted that by this fall prices on food will drop as the costs drop.

American Farmers Co-Op

To help protect our farmers a national Co-Op has been formed. Farmers will sell their crops to the Co-Op, and the Co-Op will serve as the distributor of all food stuffs and and raw organics, any profits earned will be shared among the farmers.

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