Supernatural Driven Out

Protests, demonstrations, and attacks have lead to the retreat of many supernaturals countrywide. Or at least of those who make it obvious that they are. The less flamboyant and more quiet of the supernatural have managed to slide under the radar and in many cases are still rather respected.

Sadly many who aren’t supernatural, but are being mistaken for such because of their work are being targeted as well. The saddest of all, is where those very supernatural revealed their existence in an attempt to save the people around them from many disasters and to help them rebuild faster.

While many have chosen to wisely withdraw without any conflict, not all have done so, there are those who have gone underground or barricaded themselves behind their walls, basically daring the protesters to attack, others are taking a more active and violent approach.

The places targeted the most are the BEA offices in these other cities. Claiming it isn’t equal if you insist on a separate court. There are signs of similar unrest in New York City as well, more so outside of Manhattan.

Several Bodies Found Around Tompkins Square Park

Just when many in the East Village thought life was looking up for their neighborhood someone goes and changes the scene. A dozen bodies, and several near dead victims, have been found in and around Tompkins Square Park. The near dead have been taken to the recently opened Crystal Medical East for treatment and care. No one knows for sure just what happened or where the bodies came from, as the security cameras in and around the park have been malfunctioning of late.

Chaos to Order

A group who appears to be singing the same tune as many others, may well not be. The group Chaos to Order believes that the way to a better tomorrow, is by destroying today and starting fresh avoiding many of the pit falls that ruined things in the first place. They claim this is something that needs to be done globally, which is just like it sounds, they advocate the global destruction of government and society with the intent to grow out of the ashes like the phoenix of legend.

They seek a government completely free of and blind to religion, race, sex, and money. By which they mean, money doesn’t buy you special treatment, your religion doesn’t matter to them you can worship whatever you want as long as you obey the laws that are truly equal to everyone. From what we learned this includes true equality with the supernatural, meaning no need for the BEA. You don’t need separate courts to solve your differences if you’re all equal.

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