Thanks to the forewarning and planning by Manhattan’s Supernatural residents and allies, an invasion from under the city did not do as much damage as it is believed the overwhelming forces were meant to. As a result there was very little loss of life, 30 dead, and only 200 injured that had to be taken to hospitals through out all of Manhattan Island.

When the city leaders were asked if they shared the anti-supernatural feelings expressed elsewhere, the mayor joked that no they didn’t share the feelings but they would like to restrict the supernaturals to parties of no more than 500. Then in all seriousness said, that there were some concerns about whether or not New York City would be so targeted if there wasn’t such an apparently large overt presence of supernaturals. When someone pointed out that New York City was a symbol of the American way of life, and pointed out that 9-11 had nothing to do with supernaturals as far as anyone knew, the mayor conceded the point and admitted that he, for one, was glad they had so many competent protectors.

Despite the praise from the city leaders there was still an unprecedented large number of new listings among private and business properties for sale or rent. As many are seeking to move to slightly safer locations. Many moving to the other boroughs as they don’t want to leave their beloved city, but at the same time, they’re tired of living at ground zero. Some of the big conglomerations that still considered New York City their home are looking at moving their national headquarters to other safer regional headquarters, and reducing or removing their presence in New York City, as a result.

There are other businesses and residents who think these moves are foolish, as the damage done each time is fully repaired with updates and upgrades and improvements being done at no cost to the business or residents, and the insurance never sees a bill.

The more pragmatic says folks will come and go and maybe prices and traffic on Manhattan will drop to something more reasonable.

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