Five Dead, One In Critical Condition

Yesterday, after hearing the weak cries of an animal in distress a passer by came upon a grisly scene. Almost completely buried under the gruesome remains of five dead bodies was a severely almost fatally wounded tiger.

After 911 passed the call to the BEA Senior Special Agent Xander RobertsĀ  arrived followed by medical personnel. Special Agent Roberts performed stabilizing first aid until paramedics arrived and took over the care of the tiger, who was determined to be Rex, a.k.a. The King of Central Park. Special Agent Roberts determined that the scene was a dump site, that whatever had occurred had in fact occurred elsewhere.

While the tiger was revealed to be Rex, the five dead have had their names withheld until their next of kin can be notified, though we have been told that all five appeared to be members of the Crimson Tigers, a gang out of Chinatown.

As of the writing of this, Rex is stable and slowly recovering. The nature of his wounds appearing to be worse than his own abilities can repair quickly, and doctors are working to speed up the healing.

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