The Crystal Tower in New York City is surrounded by protesters today after news got out about a world ending event approaching. A Crystal Order insider told press yesterday about a predicted end of the world event that would require people retreating to the prepared but never used long use shelters built some 10 years ago.

This morning several news outlets released the news stating that there are a pair of asteroids the size of the moon coming so close to the planet that if the scientists are off in their calculations by any amount they will hit the moon or the planet, or both, the best that could be hoped for is that they will only disrupt the planet’s orbit and the moon’s orbit.

The Crystal Tower is not the only place being protested. Government agencies world wide are being protested as they should have known of these for some considerable amount of time and could have prepared the world. Astronomers are claiming that these asteroids had not been visible before yesterday.

While conspiracies abound, the fact remains it is coming for us and we can hope that the supernatural who claim they are on our side can mitigate this unprecedented disaster we should also be prepared.

The Crystal Order has released the following statement:

We knew something was going to happen, like many we believed it would be the result of what is happening with New Persia and its sudden growth. Our astronomers had seen nothing in space that posed a threat to the planet until yesterday when these two asteroids went from passing nearby to being a threat. The night before last when we were made aware of the danger we started preparing the long term shelters to hold as many of the residents of the United States as desired to retreat to safety.

Unlike many disaster movies, you may pack your things, contact the Crystal Order and we will see to the moving of those things you wish to save, we ask you limit the furniture to heirlooms and children and baby furniture and any special needs furniture. Your personal belongings, your clothes, these you may bring. Electric powered or man powered vehicles are permitted as well. We will see to your safety first.

At midnight last night the President froze the stock market and all banks. Preventing disaster runs on financial institutions while the government worked with the financial institutions and the Crystal Order to ensure our money will be available. When asked about food, money, and other necessities of life, the spokesman for the Order had this to say.

Living accommodations will be provided and we hope will be spacious enough for everyone, pantries are fully stocked, with fresh meat though we regret that it is only vat grown at this time. Medications and medical treatment will be available. At first there won’t be much available to buy, but being as these are long term shelters, jobs and commerce will happen and we will do our best to keep things as normal as possible.

As far as safety is concerned we have taken every precaution to ensure everyone’s safety, and we look towards our law enforcement officers to help us keep the peace as they have always done.

As there is almost a week, the Crystal Order is working on helping people get moved in an orderly fashion but are also willing to help people who wish to stop drop and run now. Please direct any questions you may have to the Crystal Order they have set up an emergency number and website for your convenience.

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