Texts went out to people’s phones, tablets, computers today, with the messages being broadcast on the few local radio and tv stations and streaming media. Calling for those who love nature to lend a hand.

The Friends of Nature urge everyone to step up and lend a hand. While the Crystal Order and local government is focusing on building and infrastructure, the parks and zoos are having to take a back seat… the back seat in the caboose on a 100 car train, to the rest. Yet they are just as important if not more so. So the Friends of Nature are taking on the parks and zoos themselves.

When… From now to how ever long it takes. Where… the parks and zoos. What do you need to do… show up, lend a hand. In most cases downed trees are available to reuse in the park or zoo’s restoration. Just find the foreman at each site and let them know you want to help.

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