In a world of distrust and competition, the way to the top is hidden behind misdirection. Get people to watch the left hand while the right palms the coin. Or give them what appears to be a struggling enterprise dealing with mistrust, betrayal, and ridicule while the real progress is done elsewhere, out of the public eye.

Meet the “palmed coin” of the Crystal Order, Atlantis. Named after the mythological Atlantis of ancient Greece, a land of great wonder way ahead of the times, Atlantis is much the same. A sunken and islandic complex of community and laboratory. It is the creations and findings of this secret location that provides the Crystal Order with much of its operating revenue as many of their findings get ran through Crystal Research and Technologies, where patents end up shared between the Order and their creators.

A collection of five islands, 3 in the water, two floating above each about 100 sq. mi. in size sit in the Atlantic ocean to the SE of New York City and just west of the barrier mountains while below on a submerged plateau about 650 feet down below the surface. Serves as home and work place for many creative minds. Many holding doctorates either singularly or multiple, but not all do. What they have in common is a desire to work to make the world better. 

The islands and underwater complex are hidden from prying eyes by a state of the art “shield” straight out of science fiction. It blocks all but the strongest versions of magical scrying, and keeps the complex hidden even in the Umbra and Dreaming from prying eyes. The shield also deftly reroutes stray traffic around the complex to keep it from being found by accident. While not 100 percent effective, it is still effective enough that it is believed the Crystal Tower is the home of the Order’s wonders.