The Crystal Order is less a specific paradigm and more a gathering of like minded people, like the Traditions or the Technocratic Union, and  like these other two groups it has its binding beliefs, first and foremost being the restoration of Balance. At this time the Order does not have traditions or conventions of its own but it accepts any who seeks to restore the Balance.

This means that there will be those who’s training is from the conventions, and those who’s training comes from the traditions. This also means that other supernaturals can join the Order while still remaining true to their teaching and upbringing due to shared goals.

Kyle Blake

Department of Extranormal Affairs Head, CEO of Crystal Research and Technology, and visible head of the Crystal Order.

He is also a corporate attorney and has an MBA in Business. His rather young appearance doesn’t install much confidence that he’s a man capable of wearing so many hats, at least not among the older businessmen. However Kyle Blake is both the good and the bad of what makes the world move. He’s a workaholic,  and his implant computer means he’s a man who doesn’t have to stop working even when he’s spending time with his very unusual little family. Like many men of such big hats, Kyle does not have much time to deal with the day to day affairs, though he can be found out and about at times. Or he’ll run the meeting if the mission is important enough.
While he is polite he doesn’t have much tolerance for what he considers, stupidity so leaves things to those better suited.

Kristoff Kiriakis

Chief Financial Officer: Department of Extranormal Affairs, Crystal Research and Technology, Crystal Order.

He is also a criminal attorney and rumor has it, the kingpin of New York City. If not for a powerful patron Kris would be quite the hunted man, as the Syndicate very much wishes to retire this one time enforcer. Now that he isn’t playing enforcer for the Syndicate, and has a good idea how the Syndicate operates, he’s found he has quite the talent for making money, getting criminals the best deal (assuming they can afford him), and keeping control of the criminal underground.

Xander Roberts

Director of the Bureau of Extranormal Affairs, PRO Crystal Research and Technology, and the Crystal Order.

With degrees in Business focusing on Public Relations, and in psychiatry. Xander serves as the public face of the Crystal Order and Crystal Research. The “go to” guy if you need help. With the forming of the Department of Extranormal Affairs, Xander was named head of the departments version of the FBI. While people agree that a man of Xander’s size makes an imposing Director, they question the wisdom behind putting a man who could serve as a defensive line in charge of public relations, especially a man who may have heart problems, likely due to his size standing over 7 ft tall in his shoes, and being large and muscular to the point of requiring special made work out machines to work out due to his great strength. Though despite the size, he can still move if he needs to.

Adam Walton

Head of Security for the Crystal Order and Crystal Research and Technology, and Assistant Director of the Bureau of Extranormal Affairs.

Oddly enough the least seen and least known member of the Order, Adam isn’t keeping to himself, he’s keeping an eye out for trouble and dealing with it before it becomes a threat. As the AD of the BEA he takes care of those things that don’t need such a visible presence, and as a result is the head of their supernatural cyber crimes division.

Leah Brahms, MD

Head of Crystal Medical Research and Director of Crystal Medical.

Clinical, rational, and no non-sense Dr. Brahms is focused on her work. Keeping the Order healthy, and learning all she can about the supernatural. As a result she is not a very outgoing or people person. It is entirely possible she doesn’t see people, she sees subjects and assistants.

Marc Walton

Order Fixer and Lead Investigator, and Director Extranormal Affairs Intelligence

Direct, dedicated and no non-sense, Marc is hard to get to know and befriend. He often appears quiet and detached, though the stoic expression houses an intellect that is taking in everything and analyzing it all which makes him a good investigator and one to turn the tides. This ability to analyze everything around him has lead to trouble caused by those around him sending mixed signals. While he doesn’t tell people how they feel, he does tell them how he interprets their words and actions.

Nelson Barraducci

Head of IT Research and Crystal Order IT and Cyber Division

It takes a lot to draw Nelson out of his lab physically, though digitally he’s everywhere. As such he’s the man who makes Marc’s job easier. Beyond being a wiz with all things computer, and some things that aren’t, Nelson is also a doctor of cybernetics. And helped in the creation of the artificial womb.