Alinar Darkheart ap Fiona

King of the Kingdom of Apples. The Eternal Darkheart.
Owner of the Haunted Heart Horse Farm and an avid grower of roses is Alinar. He is also capable of pretending to give you the moon while he takes your sun. The current state of things with humans and the supernatural are somehow his fault though no one is sure just how that is. So handsome he is literally too beautiful to be human, with hair as black as midnight with blue highlights and eyes of violet, he has no patience with incompetence and stupidity and is very fond of torture to teach people the error of their ways. He isn’t one to do things out of kindness so if it appears he is, it might be wise to think twice about that and realize his polite smiles are just that, polite, and rarely honest. His honest smiles usually come when someone is or will be hurt.

Alessander Darkheart ap Fiona.

The seemingly quiet son of Alinar Darkheart, he lives in Harlem with his wife, three adopted sons, and his daughter. Despite helping run the finances of his father’s horse breeding and rose breeding efforts, Alessander spends very little time out at the horse farm. Though he’s never said why, there is something that keeps the son away from his father.

Shannen ap Fiona

High King Shannen of Summer of Legend ap Fiona, High King of the Fae, the son of Danae.

Head of the Southern Comfort freehold often called the castle, or was at least before Shannen’s personality started reshaping the Freehold.

Shannen arrived in New York City during an upheaval in Central Park, and was quite out of place originally. He didn’t  seem to find his stride until the sword Caliburn showed up and chose him as the next High King after High King David’s death.

While he is bothered by what Alinar did, and he doesn’t understand it any more than others do, he seems more willing to see how it all turns out, though he’s not actively telling his people leave it alone.

Fredric "Spots" Woolington

Suspected founder and CEO of Paws for the Cawz, Master of Chaos, Slayer of Wyverns, Tamer of Panthers, and the Most Bestest Wizard Ever.

The head physical therapist and counselor at the Forrest Foundation, is a man who looks young for his age that apparently suffers from ADD, and is as fickle and temperamental as a cat.

He likes chaos, usually when he creates it, and it doesn’t come back to bite him, when it does look like he might get in trouble there is usually something pressing he needs to go see about.

Peregrine "Perry" Moon

Lead singer and front man of the band Dark Angel.
A man in his early 20’s his life has been filled with misery, starting with his mother’s death in a car accident he was also in when he was 12, then 6 years of estrangement from his father and psychological issues only to lose his father after mending that relationship on the same day he married Lysander. Now he’s also lost his husband at the hands of a friend, he’d probably be completely lost but their child, a precious gift compliments of Crystal Research, will need at least one of his fathers. Perry hopes to find a way to bring his husband back.

Father Lee Thomas

Head of the New World Catholic Church The quietly and unassumingly handsome Lee Thomas is another surprise, barely in his mid twenties he now leads a church based on the Catholic faith and accepting of the supernatural. Once the youngest priest at his church, he quickly became the only priest at his church when the supernatural started appearing at the church’s shelter. This was also about the same time  that he started showing signs of the Stigmata. Despite the older priests being against his accepting the supernatural he insisted his heart told him to accept them, and that is where God talks to him from. He is a man of such faith that it flows from him and fills the area around him with peace and love and leaves many disbelieving that just a few years before he was an overly pierced drug addict. No one knows how it was that he ended up with more authority in the Catholic church than the leader of the local diocese and had the Pope’s blessing, or why the Catholic church does not speak against the New Catholic Church.

Andrew "Andy Pandy" Forrest

Federated States of America Secretary of Education, Head of the Forrest Foundation.
A man of many hats, he is also an artist. He does all this while walking with braces and a cane for support, a remnant of his own horrid childhood. After his own rescue he used to serve as the face of the Foundation, and since he was believed dead when first dead his living and improving is quite amazing. His painting is a way for him to release the fears and pains of that time that he still feels today and allows him to sleep at night. As head of the Foundation he puts the kids in his care first, making sure they always get the best care, life, experiences. He will defend and protect the kids with his life, which is why he’s working on changing so much about the education system. To improve the chances of not just his kids, but of all of those in the Federated States.

Vasago Noir

Owner and CEO of Noir Industries.
In some ways Vasago is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma and it is something he works very hard to encourage that about himself. Though he will settle for just confusing people. Rumor claims, and for once it is right, that Vasago is an hermaphrodite, he prefers to be referred to in the masculine, dresses in androgynous clothing that leans towards the female, and has given birth to twins. His honey blonde hair and amber eyes often project an air of brainlessness especially when he’s dressed in heels and lace. Though it all is a cover for a very intelligent and creative mind. His love of absinthe only seems to heighten his creativity and ability to turn idea into reality, though he often looks like he’s not all mentally present.

Petruccio "Pet" Black

Owner of Thorne Steakhouse

Small of stature and looking like a kid in his early to mid teens, at best, leaves people underestimating this hyper, flighty, and shy entrepreneur. Originally from a town on the Tex-Mex border he came to New York City like so many others to find a new life and get away from his past. On top of being ADD in the extreme and shy, he’s also agoraphobic, and won’t go outside without his white Nike sneakers and his umbrella so the sky can’t see him and can’t suck him away.

Tiny Thunderfoot

Tiny Thunderfoot was originally the leader of a group of lab experiments trying to make prehistoric shifters. Using DNA from Tyrannosaur Rex, Megalodon, Triceratops, Raptors, Gigantopithecus, direwolves, and one or two others rogue Union scientists tried to create their own shifting races that they could control. They had limited success, and controlling them wasn’t one of them. Once they found out they were being rescued they were more than willing to help break free. Now Tiny and several others rescued stay at the Dragon’s Lair sharing in the care and protection of the young. Tiny got supplanted as leader by the younger more aggressive Lobo.

Lobo Dire

The youngest of the rescued created shifters, Lobo is also the most forward moving. While many of the others live in places that allow them to hide from the modern world, Lobo spends time taking New York City head on. He has a fiancee who is pregnant with his children, and is the first to manage to reproduce, he’s also the only one who has a partner from outside his kind.

Kendrick Geode

Aid to and head of security for Father Lee.

Kendrick Geode, a Jesuit monk who hasn’t spent his time spreading God’s message in some time, isn’t too remarkable if he really was the hard ridden mid-50’s early 60’s he appeared, he’s about 10 years younger. A lanky but muscular man who stood 6’2” without shoes, Kendrick looks like he’d been through a war, or worse. Under his clothes are scars, many scars, of his hard life. He keeps his hair short, not for any aesthetic reasons, a black shot through with grey. His face has small pock mark scars like one might have with bad teenage acne that was really caused by acid to the face. Sturdy gold framed glasses, frame highly scarred sea foam green eyes, the pupils appearing untouched. The face is also quite lean, with sharp cheekbones and a narrow lantern jaw, it gives the appearance of emaciation. There isn’t much in the way of extraneous meat on his lean frame, a man who’s been pared down to what is needed and no more. Despite his looks he still has the soft reassuring voice of his earlier years, a young monk who could easily sooth the terrified and bring comfort to the needy by the sound of his voice alone. Some had even said he’d been graced with the voice of an angel. He is a retired Hunter, who was pulled out of retirement to come solve a problem, and after meeting Lee and others, had a change of outlook.