While the setting is New York City it should be noted that this is a very different New York City than people are used to. Alien attacks, tidal waves, earthquakes, bombs, missiles, attacks by creatures. These things have a tendency to change the face of a location, and places change. It should be also taken into account that being a fantasy setting that the ST may well have changed things.

For instance, F.A.O. Schwarz was not bought by Toys R Us, it was bought by a private investor who has kept the store open and operating and is getting the iconic toy store to turn a profit once more.

Other places of importance around the city that diverges from the norm are listed below.

Forrest Foundation:
The New World Catholic Church
Crystal Medical
Southern Comfort
Phoenix Tower
Raven Tower
Park Place
Crystal Tower
Noir Industries
Dauntless Industries
Haunted Hearts
The Dragon’s Lair/New Caledonia
Enchanted Mountain